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  • Fike Europe B.v.b.a
    Herentals, Belgium
    With over 70 years’ experience manufacturing products ranging from bursting discs (rupture discs) and oilfield products to explosion protection, fire suppression and fire detection and control, Fike offers reliable solutions for life safety and assets protection to customers around the world.
  • GFG Europe Ltd
    Coggeshall, United Kingdom
    GfG is an independent gas detection equipment manufacturer specialising in the development and manufacture of high quality, robust, reliable, gas detection sensors and systems. In the chemical and petrochemical industry, continuous monitoring of rooms and plant areas where flammable atmospheres can form is required. In addition, personnel must be constantly protected against toxic hazards and oxygen surplus or deficiency using portable gas detectors. Also containers, pits, channels and trenches and any other confined spaces must be gas tested prior to and during entry. GfG portable multi-gas instruments are ideal for this task.
  • Chemstore Engineering Ltd
    London, United Kingdom
  • Det-Tronics
    Minneapolis, United States of America
  • PNR UK Limited
    Bromsgrove, United Kingdom

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